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What You Cannot Take Past TSA Security

In the last several years, air travel security has increased to respond to mounting terrorist threat awareness. New security regulations and more enforcement led to the creation of a special air travel security force, the TSA. Nowadays, passengers are screened at TSA security checkpoints before boarding their flights to prevent them from traveling with prohibited items.

What you cannot take

The list of prohibited items are categorized into six major categories. The first comprises weapons, guns and ammunition. Swords, knifes, box-cutters and other sharp instruments are also included. The second category is for explosives and dangerous corrosive, poisonous or disabling chemicals such as pepper spray. Sporting goods or martial arts and self-defense items appropriate for use as weapons, such as pool cues, baseball bats or spear guns fall into the third category. Tools like screwdrivers, axes, cattle prods and crowbars or hammers are also prohibited and fall in the fourth category. The fifth category is for flammable materials and aerosols. These items cannot fly even in checked baggage. The sixth category is for liquids and gels. Gel candles, gel shoe inserts and snow globes are prohibited. Other liquids can only go in carry-on luggage if they are stored in 3.4 ounces or smaller containers.

What you can put in checked baggage

Most prohibited items, with the exception of flammable materials, pressurized containers, explosives and dangerous chemicals can fly in checked baggage. You must declare ammunition at the check-in counter.

TSA security regulations do not allow boarding for passengers carrying dangerous items. The list of prohibited items is available at every airport. When packing, take these regulations into consideration, and leave out dangerous items so you can go through the checkpoints quickly.